top of page is super pleased that we're always adding new content to our RSS audio feed. We've alway sled with LGBTQ content, but we're diverse and we focus on keeping you entertained so we include a diverse mixture of gay, lesbian, straight, silly, serious, sappy, relevant and irreverent. We're happy to introduce our some of our new shows as part of the MLR family: 


"Rag Time" is a fast-paced, super charged new short show with the hilarious Heather and Nicole from the "Puss_Cast" podcast lending their time to MLR in a monthly PMS blast off about all the things that become rather bothersome when it's "that time of the month" (ie: EVERYTHING!)

"Inspector Detective On Chan Tay" - from the brilliant minds of Katie Hall and Sally McFerran- international comedic intrigue featuring the over-zealous Inspector, cracking big cases in this six episode audio series. 


Outstanding U.K. lesbian fiction author Clare Lydon will be back with more of the monthly and ultra-successful "Lesbian Book Club" podcast, continuing her series of podcasts featuring chats with worldwide lesbian fiction authors on their processes, inspirations, lives, characters and more. Keep up with all that's happening in the land of lesbian fiction as Clare runs down both the Amazon and Amazon UK chart toppers, as well as news within the industry.

"Pub Wankers" is a deep dive into British pub cultures from those who know it best: the pub workers. Grab a pint and settle in for a talk about the do's and don'ts and to be and not be a Pub Wankers. 

We'll also have the "A Drink And A Chat" podcast series available, where Denise has interviewed some of our communities biggest and best LGBT actors, comedians. writers, producers, musicians and authors in this conversational platform.




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