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Our Favorites:

We're pretty picky about who we do business with so when we say "Favorites"...we REALLY mean it! 


LGBT HealthLink

The community-driven network of experts and professionals enhancing LGBT health by reducing tobacco, cancer, and other health disparities within our communities. We are one of eight CDC-funded cancer and tobacco disparity networks. We link people and information to promote the adoption of best practices in health departments and community organisations to reduce LGBT tobacco and cancer disparities. For more info: click here


Easily the best site out there for your online lesbian entertainment- quality web series & projects featuring the brightest stars! Just a tiny premium monthly fee and you could be well on your way to having execlusive girl-made comedy, drama & fun at your fingertips, any time, any place with more content being added all the time!



This non-profit program is based out Williamstown, New Jersey and focuses on granting wishes for seriously ill, or especially-in-need-of help foster children & the families who care for them. From meeting NFL heroes, to providing prom dresses to room make-overs & more, this family-generated organization is making news & headlines all over the U.S. with a possible reality series in the works.


EEEK Music-  The lovely ladies of the music group "Eeek" totally float our boat and we think you'll love them as much as we do with their buttery vocals, soulful guitar stylings and the chilled out vibe they create. Check them out. "Love, Loss & Bowling" -the new album is available now!



This U.K.-based music project creates, writes, produces and records a new single each year with the profits to benefit multiple LGBT charities in need of donations. Playing at major events across the U.K., they've shared the mics with many & raise a tons of money. 




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